Photofacial / IPL Treatments

Photofacial / IPL Treatments


Skin Rejuvenation treatments for lighter, brighter, and more uniform appearing skin by targeting pigmentation and vascular changes.

About Photofacial / IPL Treatments

Intense pulsed light treatments offering instant, comfortable and high standard results for Skin Rejuvenation, Acne Clearance, Vascular Lesions, and Pigmented Lesions.

Pigmentation reduction: The pigmented lesion contains high concentrations of melanocytes. The light absorbed in the lesion creates a controlled burn localized to the target which peels away along with the spot a few days after treatment leaving an even skin tone.

Vascular treatment: Targeting the epidermal and dermal layers, light heats the target blood vessels, causing coagulation of specific proteins in blood vessels, and in turn leading the body to naturally remove them.

Skin Rejuvenation: Photo-rejuvenation targets skin cells by coagulation and necrosis of dermal and epidermal layers. The body naturally responds to this by creating new cells causing an overall skin renewal to the treatment area.

IPL/Photofacial Treatments:

  • IPL/Photofacial Face - $240
  • IPL/Photofacial Neck - $150
  • IPL/Photofacial Décolletage - $200

*25% Discount offered when purchased as a package of 4 or 6.


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